List of Publications

Journal articles

1. Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Questions of Targeting, Detention and Investigations during Armed Conflict: Are States Losing Patience?' (2015, under review).

2.  'The Duty to Investigate Civilian Casualties during Armed Conflict and its Implementation in Practice' (2013) 15 Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law 155-186.

3.  'Some Observations on the Turkel Report and the Investigation of Wrongdoing by the Armed Forces' (2013) European Journal of International Law: Talk!.

4.  'Did LOAC Take the Lead? Reassessing Israel’s Targeted Killing of Salah Shehadeh and the Subsequent Calls for Criminal Accountability' (2012) 17 Journal of Conflict & Security Law 147-173.

5.  'The Bin Laden Killing: Clarifying the Normative Framework(s) Governing the ‘War on Terror’?' (2011) European Journal of International Law: Talk!.

6.  'Recognizing Palestinian Statehood' (2011) Yale Journal of International Affairs (with I. Scobbie & S. Hibbin).

7.  'Unlawful Presence of Protected Persons in Occupied Territory? An Analysis of Israel's Permit Regime and Expulsions from the West Bank under the Law of Occupation' (2010) 13 Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law 245-282 (with S. Hibbin).

8.  'International and Local Enforcement Measures in Response to Serious Violations of IHL During the Gaza Military Operations in December 2008–January 2009: The Goldstone Report and Subsequent Developments' (2009-2010) 15 Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law 79-93.

Expert opinions, legal memos and position papers (selected)

1.  'Israel's 'Creeping Annexation' of Area C of the West Bank' (legal memo, NRC, 2015).

2.  'The Bedouin in the West Bank as a Minority and Indigenous Group and their Protection from Forced Displacement' (legal memo, NRC, 2015).

3.  'The Legality of the Wall Built by Israel in the West Bank' (Background report, NRC, 2015).

4.  'Punitive House Demolitions' (legal memo, NRC, 2014).

5.  'The Duty to Investigate Civilian Casualties under International Human Rights Law and Humanitarian Law' (submitted to the UN Inquiry into the Civilian Impact of Drone Strikes and Other Forms of Targeted Killing, 2013).

6.  'The Israeli Military Commander’s Powers under the Law of Occupation in relation to Quarrying Activity in Area C of the West Bank' (Expert opinion, Diakonia IHL Programme, 2012) (with I. Scobbie).

7.  'Referring the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict to the UN Security Council' (position paper, 2012) (with I. Scobbie & S. Hibbin).

8.  'Administrative Detention: HCJ 1389/07 Commander of IDF Forces in the Judea and Samaria Area v. Military Court of Appeals' (Hamoked Court Watch Project, July 2012).

9.  'Forced Removals, Demolition Orders and Planning Policy by the Military Commander of the West Bank' (Expert opinion, submitted to the Israeli Supreme Court in Dqeiqa Village Council v Military Commander, 2011) (with I. Scobbie & S. Hibbin).

10.  ‘Compensation for Civilians Injured by Security Forces Activity: CA 5964/92 Bani Odeh v. State of Israel‘ (Hamoked Court Watch Project, May 2011).

11.  ‘Students from Gaza Studying in the West Bank: HCJ 8731/09 Azam v. Commander of the West Bank’ (Hamoked Court Watch Project, March 2011).

12.  Detention of Palestinians from the West Bank inside Israel – The Powers of the Military Commander: HCJ 2690/09 Yesh Din v. IDF Commander in the West Bank’ (Hamoked Court
Watch Project, November 2010).

13.  ‘Any Palestinian from Gaza, including the ill or otherwise helpless, is at risk of being labeled a terror threat: HCJ 5429/07 Physicians for Human Rights – Israel v. Defense Minister’ (Hamoked Court Watch Project, May 2010).

14.  ‘Torture in Secret Facility 1391: HCJ 11447/04 HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual v. State of Israel’ (Hamoked Court Watch Project, February 2010).